CHRIS SUTTON has taken to his RecordSport column to call out the ‘cheek’ of Brendan Rodgers if the former Celtic boss does officially make a bid for Callum McGregor.

The player has been linked with a move to Leicester in recent days with an absurdly figure of just £10million being floated around.

Sutton believes the club need to be strengthening that area of the park and basically the whole team. If Celtic were to get rid of Callum McGregor it would leave a massive hole in the team.

“There’s been talk about Brendan Rodgers taking McGregor to Leicester City butI would be stunned if that happened.” Sutton explained.

“Not only would it be some cheek from Rodgers after the way he left the club but it would also be a major decision for Celtic to sell such an important player.

“They should be strengthening the squad rather than weakening it further. There’s still work to be be done and the right- back situation needs to be addressed pretty quickly after Mikael Lustig all but confirmed he’d be leaving.”

Celtic hold all the cards with McGregor being under a lengthy contract plus the midfielder has never given anyone indication he’d like to leave.

Sutton is certainly right that Rodgers would have a brass neck to even make the bid but after the past four months we wouldn’t put it past him.


  1. This is just another “stop the ten” media nonsense to upset players and the club. Like most of the better players at Celtic, Calmac has time to bag the ten then consider his mercenary future at magnetic south…….Southampton!

  2. Aye he just needs tae keep away fae calmac and 10 million are you having a laugh at least 20 be ause if he was playing in Spain or England and I have every faith calmac would play easily in any big team in both leagues he’d be worth at least 70-80million that would be just a starting point he’s that good we should be not play g broony so much put calmac in broonies position let him grow into the position which he’s quite comfortable in it as is but it gives broony a wee break now and then and then when broony steps in tae his coaching position hey presto ready made replacement saved 20 tae 30 million on somebody else that might not work oot and then we build we’re team round calmac can’t lose him at any cost Mr Lawell a D Mr Desmond out of any player not him

  3. Can’t really see any Celtic player going to Leicester. If the fans are “annoyed” at Brendan leaving mid season how do you think the player’s feel. I’d be surprised to see any follow him to Leicester.


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