Paul Merson has cited Celtic ‘coming back’ as another reason why Steven Gerrard should leave his Ibrox post.

The English pundit believes the former Liverpool player should get out while the goings good and move on.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Merson believes the Scouser has had his day in Glasgow.

“Celtic look as though they are coming back now. They’ve got the new manager in; they’ve bought into his ideas and they are moving up the table.’ Merson told SkySports.

“There is no foregone conclusion in the Scottish title race this year and, given the nature of football, if Celtic went on and won it this year everything from the year before is almost forgotten.”

Celtic fans have been watching the rebuild under Ange Postecoglou and know we’re on the right track. If the club can do the right business in January then who knows what can be achieved in a relatively short period of time.

Playing against Celtic, under pressure has never been a good thing for the Ibrox club. They won the league without fans inside stadiums and with Celtic in pieces thanks to their own self destruction.

Fans are back and Celtic are not too far behind despite the major turnover of players this summer.

Merson could be onto something g.


  1. Hes jumping now before ange get him that’s about much as they’re going to get for any of there players this year 3 million and they had a nerve to slag Brendan .just goes to show what the scum meant to him hes full of shit like the rest of them .let’s just see how many players jump ship now.not one of them would get on the Aston villa reserves

  2. Hopefully the Hoops fans can celebrate something major this coming year.
    Slippy has only won one major trophy in the latest version of sevco.

    Does Scottish football and the daily rags not wonder about the other twelve???
    One trick pony that cun7.

  3. But it looks like he is gone now,but let them run and replace him with a new manager in days or a few weeks,we all know players there now will be moved out and new faces moved in,if they rush in a new manager then it could be a huge mistake do i care no,they now are trying to bring in a top manager that will cost anything from £4 million plus a year plus his backroom team wages and new players that the new manager wants the debt they have could spiral out of control fast,how come you sell your manager for £3 million and he has 2 years left on his contract what is that all about?…

  4. Don’t underestimate the pull of the sfa, spfl and referees backing for a new guy.
    They come in knowing there’s a guaranteed ten to fifteen points a season based purely on “honest mistakes”.
    That takes a lot of pressure off an incoming manager.


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