THE RANGERS have been petty throughout the season by refusing to acknowledge the sponsorship deal that the SPFL agreed with cinch last year.

The sponsorship would bring money into the Scottish game, and in return, they’d receive their branding to be displayed around Scotland. The league would also be called the cinch SPFL.

The Rangers infamously taped over the cinch logo for post-match interviews live on Sky Sports at away venues – a whole new level of pettiness.

However, the partnership went into don’t when the Ibrox club refused to cooperate with the car company, and the dispute ended up in the courts.

Now, the SPFL has announced that The Rangers will not be part of the deal. Moving forward, the SPFL runners-up will not be part of the sponsorship deal. [The Daily Record]

Neil Doncaster has eased the anxious clubs, who benefited from the deal’s cash injection, promising that “unchanged”.

Admittedly, it wasn’t the best of deals, but it was selfish of the Govan side to throw the deal into jeopardy when some clubs massively benefited from the cash injection that the sponsorship gifted.


  1. Can we presume from this that the Ibrox club will not be benefitting financially from the cinch sponsorship deal??

  2. This is ridiculous! One club throwing a tantrum and getting their own way!

    Its almost like they’re a separate entity from the rest of the league!

    If one club can break away from a league wide deal like this, whats to stop others doing likewise!?

    The SPFL missed a trick here to set and make an example of them; I’d imagine if it was a less prominent club they’d have been made to fall into line!


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