It’s not uncommon to get a little over exuberant or even a little bit excited if you hit the top of the league, especially if your new club hasn’t won a major honour yet.

However, we had to do a double take of this OFFICIAL image sent out by the OFFICIAL Ibrox social media feed showing the league table.

As usual, the club is not very big on the finer details of things.

The picture shows the Rangers* on 30 points in 1st place with Celtic having 29 points which is absolutely correct.

It’s just there’s no more information after that – like games played for example.

I mean what would be the purpose of leaving that sort of information out? If we were them we’d have only let it out if the League table showed something like the Ibrox club only being top because Celtic having a game in hand over the…oh we see what they’ve done…

Stuff this like is why we and many other Celtic fans have given so much money to the cloud in the past few years – these tinpot posts are screenshot moments to be captured and released back into the wild at the correct moment.



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