The Green Brigade are today collecting for their annual Foodbank ahead of the Christmas period to help out the less fortunate around Glasgow.

The yearly event is always well received and supporters come out in their numbers to support such a great cause.

We are disgusted to read this afternoon that the vans that are parked outside Celtic Park to take donations to local food banks have been targeted by traffic wardens and police who have put down fines.

Incredible by the police and Glasgow city council.

This is a tough time of year and common sense has to prevail on this occasion.

The police are blaming Celtic for this happening and Celtic are blaming the police.

The club either must step in and get these fines thrown out or pay them on behalf of the food collection.

This is again confrontational by Police Scotland who needlessly cause upset and harassment at football games.


  1. So whats new? this is the same police force who harass the GB at every opportunity they can find or indeed manufacture and who incredibly form a guard of honour for Union Bears!!!!


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