CELTIC’S season ticket renewal drive hasn’t got off to the best of starts with the club showcasing their promotional material to entice the fans into keeping a hold of their season card.

Have a watch.

Yes, a super hero approach has been taken and it hasn’t been received well at all. The social media account even put up a poll.

Fans have been asked Celtic to ‘delete’ the video with one supporter asking if this is ‘why Rodgers left’.

It was a bit of fun and a lot of the Celtic multimedia stuff over the past couple of years has been good so they were bound to have a stinker at some point.

We blame Lee Congerton for scouting Gerry McCulloch!

Celtic season ticket renewal drive will be an interesting one with no clear direction from the club as to who will be the full time manager next season and that obviously effects the incomings and outgoings with regards to players.

It’s going to be an interesting summer.

To see all your super heroes play next term you have until the 10th May to renew.


  1. Usual, suit’s get the money. Try to release as much media and team tops as possible. With the joy of spending fuc& all during the summer months. Usual, sell most of the players who were succesful in a Hoops top and don’t bother replacing them. The last five years have been a rollercoaster of a time. You think the fans would wise up. But fuc& that. Celtic’s in oor Dna, Can’t take that away fae us. Put up or shut up. And a little bit of Derby fever each year. Paradise will seldom be empty, come snow or shine. We can’t resist it. Its magnetic.And the money men know that!!!!!!!!!!!!! So don’t blame them. BLAME YER MAW AND DA. They made yae do it.

  2. Sorry I thought that we were in the 21st Century, Has time stood still, Are we still going to our old stadium and still have the same old board, But hey I seem to have got older, Have we not (ie) supporters been kept in the dark treated like mushrooms and fed a load of shite, But yet again, The same thing seems to be repeating itself, The Shareholders, Board & Chairman do not seem to be coming out to say what’s what they are applying the three wise monkey syndrome, See No Evil, Hear No Evil & Speak No Evil, We also have had = M’ON, NL & BR & His Cohorts & Yes One Of The Prodigal Sons Has Returned, I am f’ckng sick and tired of hearing on the steps at the front door reception area of our stadium, “Paradise” I am here to have our club make sure, We shall do this and we shall do that and we as true supporters each and every member of the Celtic Family take it all in, Then {BOOM} The shit hits the fan and all hell breaks out, “WHY” Yes We Have Heard The Reason M’ON, Had To Leave, Then We All Know The Situation That Occured With NL, Them BR & His Cohorts F’cked Off From Our Club, Without Giving An Explanation To Anyone Within The Club Or Giving The Supporters Any Consideration, After all we backed them to the hilt 100% + We had his back and what they done was “SHIT” On all of us from a great height, Yes NL Returned As a stand temporary manager, But temporary is a good word, Because you can’t put a timetable to it Temporary is today, tomorrow, next week next month (etc etc), Yes I am gutted, Yes I am hurting same as every Celtic Supporter up and down the land, We should all be up their somewhere in cloud 9 for what the bhoys have a achieved and further success is so close and imminent but yet again, Yet some or most of us are feeling deflated, But Celtic Supporters are fantastic we do have the ingredients the guile to battle through any negative situation that occurs, Their bond is second to none, We are not known as the biggest and best supporters in the world for nothing, All Our Bhoys & Ghirls Shall Stand Together As One, This is our club and nothing shall deter the Celtic Family From Supporting and backing The Bhoys [Home & Away]


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