Joe Ledley today found out what happens when you provide the Daily Record with quotes.


Joe spoke candidly yesterday about the Mo Bangura situation and how difficult it would be for him to return to Celtic if he dumped the club out of the Champions League – He said :

“If I was in the same position as Mo I probably wouldn’t play in the game out of loyalty and respect to Celtic.”

“If he knocked us out of the Champions League it would be very difficult for him to come back again.”

Very honest comments from the Welsh midfielder.


But what did the Record do with these comments?…


They printed this.



Another inaccurate sensationilsed headline for their diminishing readership to digest.

I have never been one to order a boycott and try to influence peoples habits but on this occasion I would ask any Celtic fan still reading this garbage to seriously think about chucking it.

Celtic fans have made a haven of sites where stories get accurately reported on with no agenda or spin behind it.

That’s why we’ve opened our doors and why many other Celtic fans continue to give high quality content at the expense of their free time.

From podcasts to blogs we have a fan-base who are rich in content and we should not need the Record or any other tabloid for that matter to get our daily dose of Celtic news that we all crave.


Hail Hail



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