That was a sore one – beaten four nil at Tynecastle and The Interweb is in meltdown. We will torture ourselves by reading too many Twitter Taunts.

I’m still a tad annoyed, mainly at the manner and extent of the defeat, so forgive me for just throwing some bullet points in your direction:

* Terrible performance by most of the team. Can’t think of pass-marks for anyone.
* Absolutely criminal to lose that 3rd goal so early into the 2nd half. We ‘might’ have had a chance otherwise. We’ll never know for sure.
* It’s unlikely Hearts will play better again this season (I’m not just saying this to be churlish in defeat…). AND I hope we don’t play as poorly again this season.
* We have all been so lucky to have witnessed last season’s treble and the start of the Invincible run.
* Still top of the league.
* Still in Europe in the New Year.
* Still on course for back-to-back Trebles.
* Still going to skelp Sevco before we’re all bringing in the bells!


Yes, improvement is needed. And maybe even this wee kick up the bum was too!

But over the years, thousands of us have seen and felt lots worse after a Celtic Shocker. We’ll all have our own personal low-lights, for one reason or another.
However, we must all keep calm and carry on!
Hail Hail, The Celts Are (still) Here!

Margaret White


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