Rangers winger Ryan Kent will contest a Scottish FA charge for appearing to strike Celtic captain Scott Brown in Sunday’s Old Firm game. Kent is now available for Hearts tonight with a hearing to take place now on Thursday.

The FA for some reason gave his violent conduct room for bargaining. The thug has rejected the associations half a punishment so he can line out this evening against Hearts at Ibrox. The FA need to flex their muscle now and dish out the appropriate punishment. At the moment Kent is sending out the message that he has nothing to answer for.

Comparisons have been made with players who have committed previous crimes of a similar nature and the fact that he was presented with just a two-match ban in the first place sent out the wrong message.

Several times this season Celtic fans have had to call out for protection of their players. Scott Brown seems to be a constant target because of the way he plays the game, winning trophies inside the rules. It would be nice to see a real reaction to a player getting assaulted three times in a game but nobody will be holding their breath.


  1. There was no appearance of striking. He was caught on camera from different angles.
    He clearly struck out and assaulted Scott Brown.
    Perhaps an assault charge is more appropriate. This was not a tackle or a challenge, it was a straightforward assault.

  2. Rangers are an embarrassment – Gerrard even worse- They just cannot handle Celtic anymore and resort to these tactics every time they meet. Kent should be banned for 6 weeks – end of.


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