KRIS BOYD has branded Celtic’s statement and treatment of John Beaton as ’embarrassing’ in his SunSport Column.

The rotund striker, known more nowadays for his monster munch eating ability rather than his goal threat can’t help himself take a dig at Celtic.

Celtic’s statement was clear and concise; it remarked they were incredibly bewildered by the SFA not retrospectively punishing an Ibrox player for three separate incidents of violent conduct.

The statement went onto say, the bhoys performance was below par and in no way did Celtic blame the referee for the final result but Kris must have forgotten to read that bit or there was a chocolate pudding smudge on that part of his computer screen.

The Kilmarnock frontman says Celtic’s statement was to deflect from the result…eh?

He Wrote: “Celtic’s criticism of John Beaton was embarrassing. This was classic diversionary tactics. Rangers also have previous this season when they went to town on Willie Collum.

“As the fallout from the last Old Firm game continues, I look forward to reading the Celtic statement slagging off the manager’s team selection and the players’ performances.

“Far too many clubs, managers and players use referees as a get-out following a bad result.”

It’s also worth noting, this is a guy who still plays in Scottish football and he continues to discuss other club’s situations and slam them with impunity while others in the game feel the wrath of the SFA.

Boyd’s greatest hits this season include tipping the Ibrox club for the title when his team are only one point behind in the league – it’s all just very ‘Scottish football’ isn’t it.


  1. The only thing embarrassing is mr Boyd’s obsession with all things Celtic, he should concentrate on his own team the rangers…… oops I mean Kilmarnock. Why didn’t he right anything in his colomb about Slippy G,s seething attack on the ref or was that justifiable?

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