UEFA have released an OFFICIAL statement making it clear the finals in May which were scheduled to go ahead will now be postponed.

The Governing body has been less than helpful and although this has been made official today, there was not many people out there believing this was ever a possibility.

The leagues across Europe have been looking for guidance during these unprecedented times but we haven’t had anything in the way of clarity.

UEFA instead got all leagues to sign up to finishing their domestic campaigns before the end of June. This was never going to be achievable and it just looks like the governing body have kicked the can down the road in the hope this will sort itself out – no such luck.

As we get set for tighter movement across the UK because of Covid-19, it will be at least months before the bare essentials in our society are back up and running at full capacity, never mind football.

Football clubs in Scotland are in desperate need of clarity.



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