ALFREDO MORELOS just doesn’t learn.

The man who was sent off in the last Glasgow Derby due the most innocuous of heel taps by Scott Brown just can’t help himself. The Ibrox frontman has yet to score against Celtic and has won nothing since coming to Scotland.

However, it appears he has something to brag about by posting a picture of himself celebrating while Anthony Ralston lies on the deck during the Ibrox game in December.

 El Buffalo posted this image on social media tonight

Morelos had three flashpoints during that game and should have been sent off for his behaviour but managed to get away with it at the time. A depleted Celtic side were beaten 1-0 on the day and I’m surprised they haven’t had an open top bus parade to celebrate.

Since then Celtic have been on form and have yet to lose a game domestically in 2019. While our bhoys chase the treble treble, this man seems to be celebrating getting the best of one of our young players. Maybe someone will give him a sticker.


  1. My take on this is that this is not in the best interests of Scottish football.the same charge Scott Brown is facing.this mug is gloating that he got away with this the little mug

  2. This guy cannot leave things alone, thinking he is a big man by hacking down young Tony without a care in the world he could have badly hurt this young player and aye nothing happened to him by the ref on the day or the complying lady with the use of video footage unlike Scott brown who is going up to the same lady for enjoying our win at parkhead over our newco rivals who think they have a history to speak about of only what ????? Of only a few years and after the way they acting over the win indec 2018 as 1win out 14 not to bad and aye there are catching us really fast lol but when you have 1 brain cell in your head then I suppose its what you expect from someone like him and big stevie G he is just as bad I think that guy as well has lost the plot with his take on games ect hope he keeps I proving his team like this season all will be well for us next year hail hail

  3. I think they will have to sell him cheap as no top club want a ass hole around in the bigger picture so he will be worth what all top scorers in Scotland are worth £2 to £3 million tops if you do not score in top games in the likes EL or CL no top club would even pay that for him.
    He is trouble with a capital T……


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