The bhoys at The Cynic were invited back to pressers this week after a few weeks on the bench and they had Neil Lennon scrambling for an answer.

David Flanagan asked the Celtic manager about his quote back in October saying he would hold his hands up down the road if things deteriorated. Since then, the team have won only 2 in 12 games and what is Neil doing to try and fix it.

Listen to the clip put out by The Cynic and the Celtic manager was probably wishing they weren’t on this press call.


Neil Lennon sounded visibly rattled by the question at first. Especially because the quote brought up from October has a lot of weight now. Things have deteriorated badly since then yet the manager isn’t holding his hands up and the board are not willing to budge on potential change.

Once the manager found his voice and answered the question, he goes into the same mode we’ve heard in many pressers since the start of the season.

The biggest takeaway now is he seems keener to use the full squad rather than his favourites,


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