Celtic Women finished second in the league last season, narrowly missing out on the title. However, runners-up of the SWPL get a shot at the Champions League and the girls are digging out their passports in anticipation for next term!

The draw for the Champions League will take place on Friday at midday. Fran Alonso and his team will be excited to find out where they will be heading as they make history.

Celtic fans who want to follow the girls on their European adventure will be delighted to know UEFA have announced today the entire Champions League campaign will be FREE to watch online.

It wasn’t the easiest watch the games last season for Celtic. BBC Alba did cover a number of Celtic’s games and will be doing so domestically again. Towards the end of the season BBC Sport Scotland streamed games too.

Celtic have committed to streaming at least five games for season ticket holders.

The more accessible the women’s team is – the better!

Fran and the girls were outstanding last season and we can’t wait to see what they can do this season.





  1. Women’s football is a ridiculous endeavour.

    I also see the BBC and ITV pushing women pundits on the public.

    How very #woke of them.

    How about women commentate and pundit on womens football and men commentate and do punditry on men’s football and knock this crap on the head before it gets really out of hand.

  2. Seriously!!! Woman’s football is ridiculous???? I’ve watched a good number of the woman’s matches and they could teach the guys a thing or two. When a tackle goes in 9 times out of ten the girl will get back up and carry on not like the guys who if you blew on their face would fall down clutching it as if hit with a brick. I’ve seen some matches down at K-Park and can’t wait to get back, the ghirls give everything for the badge.
    How about you take your Victorian principles back to the dark ages. The ladies are doing a great job, whether that be playing, commentating or being a pundit.


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