ALLY MCCOIST must be going for the ‘no sh** sherlock’ man of the year with his latest quote on Celtic’s title chances.

The former Ibrox boss begrudgingly conceded the field to a rampant Celtic – the best part is that even though the bhoys got off to a slow start they were still the best team in the country.

Celtic have scored 23 goals in just five domestic games and have struck fear into the SPFL.

After watching Celtic maul top of the table Hearts at the weekend, old Ally boy gave us this comment.

“I have got to be honest and say Celtic still have the best squad in the country. I don’t think they started particularly well but their recent form has been excellent and I still think they are the team for everybody to chase”.

So Celtic are the team to beat!

The BT pundit did go onto day he believes his old club has improved but just not enough to be a threat to Celtic.



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