Celtic fans look like they can breathe a collective sigh of relief as Honduran winger Luis Palma shared what is being perceived as apositive update on his injury situation.

Palma, a key figure in the Celtic squad in the past month, had sparked concerns about his fitness following a knock he picked up in the CONCACAF Nations League semi-final against Mexico. The injury scare was heightened by comments from Honduras’ national coach, Reinaldo Rueda, who revealed that Palma experienced discomfort after his performance.

However, in a reassuring move, and image of the player surfaced online all smiles.

The photo shows Palma with a broad smile, standing alongside the Honduran medical team, signaling his well-being.

The image was a relief to Celtic, who are already grappling with a series of injuries among top players like Reo Hatate, Liel Abada, Daizen Maeda, and a recent scare involving Kyogo who went off with a serious head knock against Aberdeen before the international break.

This update from Palma comes at a crucial time for Celtic, as the team looks to maintain its strong start to the season.

Palma’s role in the squad has been significant, and his quick recovery would be a huge boost for Celtic’s campaign. The team and will undoubtedly be hoping for more such positive updates as they navigate through the hectic Christmas period.


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