There’s a lot of mystery surrounding Celtic midfielder, Olivier Ntcham, and his transfer status.

We’ve watched this rumour mill play out online. Some claiming the midfielder is available on a free even though he has time left on his Celtic contract.

Claims Athens had reached a deal with the Frenchman, but apparently that’s fallen apart because he isn’t available on a free.

Greek reporter Giannis Chorianopoulos has been following the story and reported over the weekend the deal is dead.

What we want to know, if Oli is still under contract with Celtic, why is he not at Lennoxtown?

Ntcham has been sporadically posting videos of him training alone lately and on Monday evening he posted another video on a beach somewhere which is certainly not in Scotland.

The only players who should be excused from training is the players who had international duties during the summer – Ntcham didn’t have any.

A lot of deals finish at the end of July, so if the player has been released, we’ll find out pretty soon. If he hasn’t been released, why is he not with the squad?


  1. The finer things in life? Glasgow is nice and hot and you are ‘training’ with a guy who has a jacket on with his hood up and that sky doesn’t look very promising for the golf…..don’t think you should come back,get the feeling Ange doesn’t suffer fools…

  2. A player turning up unfit after lockdown is one thing, but a player not fulfilling his contractual obligations is another.
    If he thinks he can just Joe the Tiff and do his own thing while picking up a wage from us, we should be issuing written warnings and taking legal action to ensure any monies earned by the player in the future are ring fenced and we make a legal claim for recompense.
    Constructive dismissal works both ways is said worker withdraws his services.


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