NEIL LENNON has reacted to Celtic dropping more points and making four games without a win and only seven wins in twenty-two.

The manager claims he’s been worried for his job for a while but believes his past record should preclude him from being sacked in the near future.

Now, there’s a difference between not winning ten in a row, and not even challenging for ten in a row.

The manager has nothing left to give this Celtic team. Things run their course and we have to deal with the here and now. Celtic need to shift to something different and start building for next season so this season is only a blip.

We have no right to win every trophy and every league but there has to be something better than this. The Celtic manager won’t accept this and looks like he will need to be pushed if he is to leave his post.


  1. If we had sacked Lennon when he deserved it back in Oct after the surrender to Sevco and Ferencvaros, or after the first 1-4 v Sparta, we may have still been in contention.
    That Desmond and the board have willingly allowed this car crash to continue is beyond belief-WTF does he have to do to get the sack?
    A replacement shoukd have been identified and in place long ago
    I’m willing to bet the incompetant board havent even looked yet.


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