There is an odd obsession the Ibrox fans have with Scott Brown.

If they’re not singing vile songs about him or members of his family, they are continually trying to put him down even though he has bossed the Glasgow derby in recent years.

I take that back – Brown hasn’t bossed the Glasgow Derby he’s f***** owned any Gers player who has tried to put him in his place. The lad retired Joey Barton.

But ach, that doesn’t count because when the former club emanating from Ibrox had Barry Ferguson – a young Scott Brown didn’t get a look in, so they say.

In the search for validation about their opinion of Scott Brown, they were trying to compare him with player’s who haven’t played at Ibrox in 15-20 years; yes they have to go back that far.

One Ibrox fan made the comment it was ‘no coincidence’ Brown has played his best football since the first Ibrox club surrendered.

Luckily there was a Celtic fan on hand to put him in his place – much like Broony has done to their faux hard men over the years.

Another Celtic fan commented that Scott Brown even bossed Ferguson while in a Hibs jersey back in the day.

Maybe they’re just bitter the old club were snubbed by the Celtic captain.


  1. Fans of the tribute act are so thick
    I even seen a picture of one looking in a shop window with his star laydened Jersey on back to front
    All the 6 year old club has to offer is hot air and plenty of it. Come new year these muppets will be back in there box.
    They make me laugh
    Oh how these muppets make me laugh
    Hail Hail


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