BRENDAN RODGERS believes Odsonne Edouard WILL be fit to play in the Salzburg game next week after coming off in the first half during Celtic’s win over Aberdeen.

The player took a sore one from Scott McKenna who lunged at the striker.

What was more ludicrous than the foul was the fact Bobby Madden waved it off like there was nothing to see.

It was an absolute joke of a challenge and the only debate over it was if Eddy was fouled inside or outside the box.

Speaking after the game, the Celtic manager said Eddy had suffered a dead leg but should be fine.

Asked if he thought the incident was a penalty, the Irishman was fair and said he personally thought it was a free kick but was in no doubt that a foul had been committed.


  1. What i expect is a ref that plays to the rules of the game for both sides he was a disgrace a red card he should get and miss the next six games he was going ref and a fine of £500.
    It makes me sick that we have refs that do not know the rules of the game….

  2. This needs to be addressed on Monday morning at the SFA office and ask what officials noted about this, also referee teams they support ,are they getting to tied up in outcomes regarding their own team and the results.

  3. Its either plain bad refereeing or cheating. Take your pick, either option should disqualify Madden from being in charge of top flight games.
    I challenge anyone to name one outstanding Scottish referee, just one.
    The current crop are products of the Fleming school of refereeing and he wasn’t much cop as a whistler either.
    There is no transparency in Scottish football, it’s being run as a secret society and we are playing to a rule set unique to Scotland as exemplified by recent decisions.
    Little wonder Fleming is invisible when controversial incidents occur because the decisions wouldn’t stand any scrutiny.
    Kicking an opposing player off the ball?
    Fill your boots, have as many swings as you want, it’s no biggie.
    Maxwell and his Compliance Officer are already toast and questions have to be asked as to why they got the jobs in the first place.
    They must be thankful that Doncaster has stepped up to the plate with his league cup timings which took the limelight away from the SFA.
    A solution that suited everyone, claimed Donkey, without batting an eyelid.
    If anything goes wrong on the day, and it will, Doncaster, BT and Police Scotland should all be in the dock because having fans of 4 clubs who have no love for one another in the Glasgow area at the same time is just inviting trouble.
    Most of the fans going to the the evening match will be watching the first semi in the pub or at home with a refreshment or two.
    The pubs will then be swelled with the fans from the first game, some of them celebrating the others drowning their sorrows.
    It’s a toxic cocktail with no upside whatsoever and the most important people, the fans, have been ignored and without doubt some of them will be put in potentially dangerous situations not of their own making.
    Well done SPFL, BT and Police Scotland, a disaster waiting to happen.


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