There has been a long standing rumour in Scottish football about the captain of our club.

A rumour that suggests Broony is a die hard Rangers fan, well, or at least he was until their untimely demise.

The absurdity of the rumour still tickles us to this day, especially when you hear some eejit thinking he’s getting one up on you when he says ‘Aye, yer captain hus a ranjurs tattoo but’.

Scott Brown was famously in talks with the Ibrox club and Celtic at the same time.

The Rangers fans even chanted the player’s name at Easter Road once upon a time, they were that sure they had secured his services – well why wouldn’t he sign, he’s got a Gers tattoo.

While they were chanting his name, The now Celtic legend was signing for Celtic.

Only thing was, the Celtic fans wanted proof there was no  tattoo.

Speaking to the Daily Record about his life and times as a Celtic star, the Celtic captain remembers the surreal moment one fan told him to show his arse.

“I was walking back in the door to be unveiled and all I hear is a bunch of Celtic fans shouting, ‘Broon – is it true you’ve got a Rangers tattoo on your leg? We know you’ve got one!’.

“I was thinking, ‘Oh for f*** sakes. I’ve only just signed and they’re giving me pelters already, saying I’m a Rangers fan!’.

So I quickly pull up my jeans to show them both my calves. And one of them shouts, ‘Aye, I f****** knew it! It’s on his arse! Let me see you’re a**e!’.

“That rumour is still going on to this day.

“And no, before you ask, I haven’t got one on my a**e”

That’s a shame, there would have been something quite poetic and life affirming watching Broony wind them up for over a decade and have a rogue RFC tattoo somewhere.

It’s a nice story though.



  1. Listen we need not just talk about them we need to start playing as a team who fights for every ball,what good is it if we beat them one week and we can not beat a team down the bottom and we never looked like we would lets go on a run and put daylight between us and the rest lets do this now or we will win nothing this season.

  2. I agree wae you Jackie. I just wish the board would become a bit more transparent to its own fans. And spend some money on a team, that can avoid injurys, play together as a squad on the field of play. Give their all for the top, and the fans assembled. And no more smoke and mirror’s. Surely all the fans who spend their money on Celtic merchandise, deserve more.


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