We honestly do try our best to avoid news on our embarrassing lodgers we are forced to share a city with. They just make it so hard.

They’re off the wall comedy commentary sometimes epitomises just how far they have gone in terms of being delusional, especially when we are putting 5 past them.

While the Celts will be looking to hit 70 in a row today, we’d like to pass on our congratulations to The Rangers who have shocked world football with their frightening four games won in a row.


  1. Cmon Now,Baby Steps!!!I mean the Giants of Football St Johnstone of Perth were playing a Club thats all of Almost Six Years Old.To only put 3 past Real Sevcolona is Disgraceful.

  2. How about we worry about the disaster unfolding at Celtic Park and stop obsessing about the Huns.
    This side has been shite for months and this result has been coming for months.
    They are worse than anything Deila put on the park. Boyata and simunovic are two of the worst defenders I’ve ever seen in football.
    Rodgers can’t get any of them to turn up anymore. They have gone from winning 5-1 at Poundland to losing
    4-0 to fucking hearts.
    The board are raking in tens of millions from season tickets and the champions league but still won’t spend money on defenders.
    We will be lucky to be second by the winter break.
    Rodgers must have known we needed defenders but spent money on midfielders we didn’t need.


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