CELTIC’S media man Gerry McCulloch has weighed into the issue of Celtic players celebrating with their fans when they win a game.

A leaked memo from Police Scotland revealed a senior police officer was blaming celebrating Celtic players for causing Ibrox fans to act in a moronic and dangerous manner – creating a situation where they hurt the most vulnerable of their support.

Brendan Rodgers and Scott Bain have come out to refute the leaked memo with Rodgers heavily hinting the idiots who rushed the front of the stand should be held accountable rather than any Celtic player.

Now, Gerry has given his two cents with the former Radio Clyde presenter flippantly asking if Celtic should only refrain from applauding their fans after defeat.

The hashtag got it in one – Only in Scotland! Only last season there were batteries thrown at our players, a pitch invader who actually got within touching distance of our captain Scott Brown and absolutely nothing was said by Police Scotland or the football authorities.

However, the sight of Celtic fans celebrating a win is grounds for moronic behaviour?

No bother.


  1. WOW celebrating is what you do when you score goals so now we have to take 800 fans to the game and we have not to start celebrating when we score…we need to go there and BOSS this game and then every goal we score we must start celebrating like never before with each other.you know what do those rules apply to every team that plays there we should change this to two games per season not four and twice there and here the world is watching and i think this derby game is finished unless we meet in cup semis or finals.
    Fans do make the game much better,but to have both sets of fans in a derby game makes it electric..

  2. Have you Ever heard the likes,Seriously Sevconians should be Thankful they have a Club at all,After Liquidation.How Absurd is it,When our players score against Them.And celebrate,They whine about being Goaded.Every Club needs to get together to sort that mob good n proper.HfH..intae the Vermin.Its the 10 In A Row.They are All bricking it.There Club liquidated equaling our 9 in a Row.When we get Ten.It”ll be the ending of them

  3. The moronic behaviour of a large section of the Sevco fans is down to them alone and nobody else.
    They are not capable of any kind of restraint and they blame everyone else for their impoverishment as human beings. Of course, being used and abused by their own club doesn’t help, a club who, just like the establishment, uses them for their own ends and turns a blind eye to all of their anti-social behaviour, of which there are countless pieces of evidence.
    They are beneath contempt, as is the SFA.
    The Scottish game is corrupt to the core and has been since this club adopted certain policies in the 1930s. They care not a jot about anyone, not even their fellow fans in wheelchairs. It is quite horrendous. It seems that they are quite frankly above the law, both of the game and the country itself. They sicken me.

  4. Does anyone here remember the auld sevco doing a huddle at Paradise when Jr gifted them their tile win.??? Well I do. And I don’t remember anyone being upset at that debackle back then. If you throw enough shi7e some stick’s. Did Celtic raping them, also cause the linesmen at livy to get coined. Bag of shi7e they did. I could go on, but the hypnotised don’t lie.

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