Ange Postecoglou looks like he will  be the next Celtic manager. Over 100 days after Celtic and Neil Lennon parted ways and an absolute farcical episode with Eddie Howe, the Hoops look like they have a man in place.

The one big issue surrounding Ange now is his need to self isolate when he comes into the country. The Australian is currently in Japan and anyone travelling from there to the UK must isolate for 10 days.

However, should that be the case?

Elite sports have been given certain privileges since it started back. Players and coaches can freely move about Europe to play in fixtures, as long as they are regularly tested. We’ll see the biggest example of this when the Euro’s kicks off in a matter of days.

To offer a ludicrous comparison; if Ange was to come over with his Yokohama team and play Celtic in a friendly, he would be free to do so without any need for isolation. However, if he flies over to sign for Celtic he must sit in a hotel room for ten days and wait it out?

Surely if Celtic take up the mantle of testing the new manager, it shouldn’t be an issue?


  1. I think as a society we ought to be getting considerably fed up with these increasingly bewildering and out of touch rules and regulations imposed upon us without our consent.


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