ROD STEWART felt compelled to write an email to TalkSport over comments made by their neanderthal presenter Ian Abrahams, who has a deep hatred for all things Celtic.

The presenter regularly runs down the Scottish game with an embarrassing and ignorant knowledge of the game he likes to trash.

Did Rod Stewart retort with the same uneducated and intolerant vitriol that comes Celtic’s way. No, he sent this classy reply to TalkSport about the love he loves.

Outstanding Rod.


  1. Well said Sir Roderick,mellowing in your,shall we say,mature days maybe?,it’s not that long ago that you would have given a more colourful response,but let me have the honour in giving that balloon,the response,you maybe felt impelled to.but were composed enough not to,Abrahams,on behalf of Sir Rod, The Celtic Family and the rest of Scottish football” GET IT RIGHT FUKCING UP YE”

  2. Classy reply from Rod. If Celtic had the same revenue streams as in England does anyone seriously believe that a top player would rather go to Stoke City or Huddersfield as opposed to Celtic?
    These teams, no disrespect, will probably never experience the CL despite the millions they receive.

  3. Abraham’s has always had a hatred of us,as far as I am concerned in one ear out the other,the English media forget about the billions given to their league via tv/media etc,they are not true champions of their league if they finish 2-3-4-5,this cl is now becoming an elitist club only, give us the same and then see how we perform, Rod is spot on ,


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