PATRICK ROBERTS’ BROTHER has put a Manchester City twitter page firmly in its place after the player completed a loan move to Celtic earlier this evening.

The Unofficial City twitter account wrote – ‘good luck in your loan but cheerio to a top level pro career – only one hastag & it involves liquid in plastic or glass’.

The ugly egotistical head of a Premier League fan, spoiled by the financial absurdities of a league devoid of soul.

Patrick Roberts brother Adam was quick to let the account know what he thought of their analysis.



  1. every player wants to play for his country especially in a world cup year.What are the chances of southgate picking patrick in scotland. one in a million!

    • More chance of him being picked for England by playing champions league football and getting regular game time with Celtic, rather than being cast down with the sodomites at City or worse still struggling mid table with another premiership team. He is worshipped at Celtic & is proud to wear the hoops, he should probably stay as Paddy will get more of a challenge in Scotland than living in the shadows of the most overrated, overpaid and mundane players in the Premiership.

  2. Paddy is a one in a million player who values many things in life before money, unlike so many of the mercenaries who pollute the English Premier League.

  3. Cannot wait until the day comes when that overpaid 2nd rate calamity league comes tumbling down around about them it’s ludicrous the money getting spent on 2nd rate players , it’s miles behind Spanish , German , Italian clubs and the blinkers of the English media keep blabbing on about best league in the world , aye right then dream on its total mince ya muppets . HH

  4. Well paddy you will be getting 3 medals more than I can say for man city over rated players will getting coz all the millions they have spent will count for nothing wen they had out the winners trophies and don’t forget last season all ur millions pound players could not beat the best supported team in Britain 12th welcome home paddy

  5. The English premier league is only goin 1 way that’s the rangers way it’s gonna go belly up these transfer fees cannot be sustained and we all know what happened to rangers they don’t exist anymore so good luck to the clubs who want to pay 80 million now for van dyke we will take our 8 million and get to ten or more in a row

  6. Always makes me laugh with fans from ‘elite’ teams. They have the arrogance of someone who actually think that they have contributed to the success of their club. Probably six stone overweight, pisshead, never got into a decent team but expert in all things football.

  7. Did that shower off s… Win against Celtic in CL last year NO with the money difference between England and Scotland and may I say is quite substantial were city went wrong simple it’s called HART Celtic players play for the strip and the fans the Best in the world .

    • Also have to ask the Man City fan putting down the hoops where Man City were 10 years ago????? Got where they because of foreign money!!!!!! Says it all

  8. Welcome to a real home with real supporters.
    City will win nothin this year and Paddy will be celebrating success once again.
    Best league in the world my arse.
    PD7 that’s a privilege for that bhoy, he can only get better, with a much better team the great Glasgow Celtic rather than the second rated team from Manchester.


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