With the artist formally known as Rangers gone. The newly named SPFL (silly name) is pretty much Celtics for the taking every year.

However with this new found simplicity to the title race comes even more pressure. That pressure being us fans demanding to win “The Celtic way.” This belief had so many Celtic fans feeling disappointed with last season league form. Although like everyone I want to see us win every game, a title is a title no matter how it’s won. Therefore if title is won in a similar fashion I personally will be happy.

As for the league & Scottish cup there is a good reason why it’s been almost 13 years since we completed the treble. Even tho we seem to be getting closer each year. I feel we will once again just fall short of it, likely in the league cup… again!

Martin O'Neill was the last Celtic manager to win the treble in 2001
Martin O’Neill was the last Celtic Manager to win the treble in 2001

Finally we come to the holy grail. Ever since I became a Celtic fan I have dreamed of us lifting the trophy with the big ears once again. Call it being a dreamer i feel i will see it in my lifetime. But however sadly it won’t be this year. Furthermore I feel if we reach the group stages we will NOT have the same success as last season. In fact our success last season will hinder us. Teams won’t underestimate us like last season so another last 16 place this time in my opinion will be out of reach.

Therefore my predictions for the season is the 3rd title on the quest for 10 in a row, another historical Scottish cup win & another 6 dream games in Europe’s premier competition. Looks like another bright season ahead… COYBIG!!!


Aidan Ritchie



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