Scottish Referee Stephen Brown has stepped down over historic Facebook posts of a sectarian, discriminatory and homophobic social media posts against Neil Lennon MailSport has revealed.

While the messages have not been published they have been adjudged to be bad enough for the judicial panel to look into the matter but he was only censured for his outbursts at the time which shocked many. It’s quite astonishing that he was allowed to continue.

The story has come to light again as Brown was made eligible this summer to start officiating games at Celtic Park and Ibrox where Ian Maxwell has stepped in and declared Brown’s historical baggage has made his position untenable.

The mail has not published the messages they claim to have seen and have stated their is now no online presence of the vile outbursts. A lesson to any idiot who thinks they can be as disgusting as they want without repercussions.


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