We were sent images from a refugee camp in Palestine via our facebook page today and we wanted to share them with our readers.

These images that we’ve posted up are of Palestinian kids lining up to give their pocket money to help Celtic pay the impending fine from UEFA for waving the Palestine flag at their Champions League play-off game.

The protest got so much worldwide publicity and has raised so much money for Palestinian charities the feeling inside Palestine towards the club is one of respect.

It’s very heartwarming to see these kids looking to help the club. I think we have a few new young fans for sure.

We still have our Palestine Charity shirt for sale with all proceeds going to help the people of Palestine. You can get it here:


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  1. Well done those St.Ettinine fans for joining Celtic in waving the flags….more clubs should follow suit…they can’t do UA all.

  2. UEFA should be ashamed of themselves.
    If they had any decency, they would reflect on this matter.
    Don’t want to be picky jay, but it is St Etienne. Their fans deserve credit as well as you rightly point out.

    “Evil exists because good men stand by and do nothing”.
    Celtic and St Etienne fans have not stood by and done nothing.
    You are spot on Yogi. Maybe the ethos of our club will dawn of the money grabbers at UEFA.
    I wonder where the fines that UEFA get all go to. It’s not hard to figure, is it? I don’t believe a fine is correct in this instance, but if they do fine Celtic, then the money should go to charity. It should be up to Celtic to choose that charity and Palestinian refugee charities sounds good to me.


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