This was the Green Brigade going against the corrupt UEFA and their double standards. I doubt many readers don’t remember it; it was this time last year in a Champions League qualifier with Hapoel Beer Sheva.

The Green Brigade and fans throughout Celtic Park flew the flag for Palestine. The initial reaction was pretty much the same as the current banner. But then the fund page exploded, mainstream media caught on, and everyone was throwing roses at the Celtic fans and the Green Brigade.

Maybe people need to think back and remember their views on this issue last season.

Personally, I felt pride. My conscience wouldn’t allow me to start pointing fingers with the current situation. UEFA took it upon themselves to call a Palestine flag a political banner.

In the end, UEFA looked bad, and Celtic/Green brigade featured on all the main news stations with plaudits coming from all over the world.

The Ultra group collected just over a £175,000 to donate to worn torn Palestine groups. While health and safety have to be observed and abided to, there are way too many gray areas and contradictions from the top down for anyone to be taking the moral high ground.

I’m not sure if some subcommittee is set up in the standing section and representatives of the club, but some honest communication seems to be the only way forward.

The Green Brigade have also done wondrous work with their food bank collections. I’m pretty sure most people praised them at these times. That’s why it seems unfair some of the pelters they have got over a banner and one pyro display. Don’t get me wrong, neither the banner or the pyro will ever have a place in modern day football without sanctions.

Both will have to stop, but there is an over-reaction that might be a bit hypocritical from both the media, the club and a large section of the Celtic support.

Please stop using the word “divide”. There is no divide, there is a difference of opinion.


  1. You are quite correct to point out the fabulous things the GB have done. But many good deeds do not negate the bad ones. I know the politics are very complicated, and I wouldn’t begin to argue the merits with someone who has or their family have lived through the troubles. But what, for me anyway, made Wednesday’s banner completely unacceptable was the incorporation of Brendan in to that banner, with all it’s known implications. No thought to how he or his family might feel about it. I’m sorry, but it’s gone too far. I hope some level of conciliation of this could be made by the GB, but judging by their statement this looks unlikely. Their ban looks inevitable, and that is a tragedy. But sadly of their own making.

  2. Some of the clowns shouting there two pence worth against the Green Brigade should be ashamed of themselves. Hearing some of the comments floating around last night were sickening, some people who think they are Celtic fans and never been to a game spouting pure crap against the Green Brigade. Nothing good to say then say NOTHING ! Seems like every dogs arse wants to be a gregory campbell one is one two many. If you want to put the boot into something put it were it belongs into the SFA HAIL HAIL

    • Declan you are well entitled to your opinion. But saying if you’ve nothing good to say say nothing implies you are intolerant of others opinion. And comparing Celtic fans to Gregory Campbell just because they disagree with the GB’s actions in this instance is objectionable nonsense.

    • I think the gb are great for Celtic but they should calm it with the banners .. it’s going to end up costing Celtic more than money but i actually saw a so called Celtic fan tweeting last night that he hoped Rosenberg beats us at home now .. I don’t think he was a gb member .. or even a proper Celtic fan but that’s the mindset of some of the fans because it got a awful lot of likes .. they bring a good bit of atmosphere and it’s great to see them at Celtic park but these banners belong in the club or at home where UEFA don’t have a excuse to fine us or end up playing in a empty stadium cause that will be next

  3. One pyro and one banner? Are you edging serious? It’s almost a every wedding week and it’s every edging uerupoean game. They’ve cost us so many fines and are going to result in a stadium closure.
    So all the good they do outiside the football stadium should cover the danger their pyros and flares put fellow fans in?
    They’ve done some fantastic things in the name of the club but that doesn’t mean they are given a get out of jail card for every time the embarrass the club.
    And the gb statement today have basically told celtic to eff off because they think they are bigger than Celtic.
    if the gb want to keep causing fines then its times to start paying those effing fines.
    They don’t own the stadium, so it’s time to accept the stadiums rules or watch the games from a pub.

  4. I started going to celtic games in the late 60s. I saw the banners the other night…absolutely no place at celtic park. what were the GB thinking? it is a football game not a political rally. really played in to the critics hands. in my opinion, there is no place at celtic park for ira chants etc. if people in Ireland are trying to resolve their issues, why do people in the west of Scotland continue to live in the past? GB have made clever banners in the past, created great atmospheres. They should concentrate on the positive stuff. If they think that celtic will let them continue with this behaviour, they are in for a shock. and I am sure that their seats will be quickly snapped up by others wanting to see this new team grow under a good manager. come on GB, you made a mistake, admit it, apologise and resolve this issue. remember the club was here long before you, and will continue with or without you.

    • These clowns are incapable of apologising. There is nothing to discuss with them. Throw them out. They’re a bloody embarrassment to the intelligent fans. Do not allow them back in…ever.

  5. Martin I think you’ll find that I said those who think they are Celtic fans and spelling gregory campbells name with capital letters is objectionable nonsense Hail Hail

  6. The GB do a lot of good for Celtic, and yes they do make some errors of judgement at times…don’t we all?
    But there does seem to be a lot of jealousy from older ‘tic fans, those too busy eating their prawn sandwiches to sing.
    We’re all eager as can be to spill out the ‘more than a club’ corporate branding crap – but the thing that makes us ‘more than a club’ is the history the prawn sandwich brigade wring their hands at – that history is what the GB are proud to display in various creative ways. if it was up to the hand wringers we’d be in a stadium of silence but for the occasional YNWA sang along to the P.A backing track.
    Without GB and those that agree, broadly, with their activities we’d be just another bland club – we have a history to be proud of – we know this, our families history is that of Celtic FC… thats what separates us from the corporate clubs.
    We have a bankers/ tory element on the board, happy to squeeze out the $$$ generated by much GB activity – we know their type don’t we? I’m with GB – not the corporates.
    The GB, with our history, will be around as long as there’s CFC, faults n all I welcome that because to give into the flat liners is to sell this great club, with its great history, down the river of banality.

    A little more savvy GB and all will be good.

      • Michael Davitt, who was a bit of an Irish Republican, laid the first sod of turf at Celtic Park. Big Jock and Caesar took the big cup to Eamon De Valera, who also gave the club a flag similar to the one the Scottish League tried to shut us down for. I hate the pyotechnics with a vengeance, but if you want to support a bland, anodyne Scottish club, then the number 15 bus runs regularly to Maryhill.

  7. guys the banners were done to get a reaction from certain quarters and it did I think a show of red cards might not have the same affect but the message would have got across our players were abuse in every form in Belfast from banners of racial nature on fires to the abuse on the park bottles coins etc that doesn’t make our banners right the gb tried to be cute but it back fired the guys are good at what they do charity etc etc come on guys box clever we are on top lets enjoy rubbing the cheats faces in the mud at every turn hail. hail

  8. I was born in Scotland in 1958, and lived their until I was 20 in 1978. From the age of six I have been a Celtic fan. I also happen to be a religious Jew, and since 1982 have lived in Israel. All my children were born here, including my son who like me is a staunch Celtic supporter. Celtic have always had a reputation for tolerance and pluralism, even although Jock Stein was not a catholic, he became manager (perhaps the best manager we ever had). Over the years Celtic have had Israeli players (Bitton is still a player) as was Berkovits and Beram Keyal (an Israeli Arab and not a Jew). I have never understood the need to introduce politics into sport. Sport, like music, should embrace all cultures and religions. If Rod Stewart (perhaps one of our most famous supporters) can perform in Tel Aviv in front of an Israeli audience – I was there, enjoyed it immensely together with all his pro Celtic videos on stage, can separate politics from sport then why cant we all take his example and do the same.
    I was suggest to the Green Brigade to support Brendan Rodgers and the Celtic Football team and leave your politics at home.

      • Absolute rubbish. If sport and politics should not mix why does the Israeli government routinely deny Palestinian players the right to travel to the country to play International games for their country? I wont be leaving my politics at home the next time we play an Israeli team, thanks

    • I don’t understand why you even mention religion Steven?…Irish nationalism has nothing to do with religion look at Wolfe Tone and James Connolly likewise the Israeli/Palestinian issue has nothing to do with religion many Jews oppose Israeli policies and many non Jews support their Zionist regime and aims.Israel brings politics into sport when they stop freedom of movement such not allowing footballers to train and play football outside Palestine denying visas for Palestinian sportsmen and women,I was born a Protestant in the east end of Glasgow I believe in the 32 counties belonging to Ireland I believe Israel should abide by international law I believe in human rights for all,football/sport is political like it or not look at South Africa banning of countries from the likes of the olympics and it goes on so your argument is futile my friend HH

      • You don’t say in your post, but do you believe in terrorism? The image of a paramilitary at Celtic park should be abhorrent to every decent human being regardless of anyone’s politics!

        • What is a terrorist?…Mandela was labelled a terrorist…u also have state terrorism…1 mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter…the west supports terrorism in several countries through selling arms…anyone flying the Union Jack or stars and stripes can be viewed as supporting state terrorism…the most openly racist club beiter Jerusalem are allowed to play in European club competitions showing that Uefa pay lip service to their anti-racism campaigns football is riddled with politics from the top it’s plain to see..Uefa is corrupt sep blotter is an example…

  9. I think that Celtic and the Green Brigade are paying the penalty for last year’s show of Palestinian solidarity. Uefa would have done something then if they could but were blown out of the water by public opinion. Now Uefa will keep hitting them with punishments for trivial points.
    Having said that, the display of the two banners showed some lack of tact and diplomacy. The Green brigade far surpasses anyone else for ingenuity and humour in British football, some of the banners being absolutely fantastic, but much of that will be obscured by the negative cynicism of some opponents and serve to silence their own chequered history.

    • The GB displayed an image of a paramilitary. I’d be more worried if the authorities didn’t take action. A Palestinian flag or an non terrorism related Irish rebel song I have more sympathy for but a bloody paramilitary. Seriously?

  10. lads sing the Irish national anthem fly Irish republic flag ie 100 years commeration flag everyone recognises palastine as a state except Israel some ov these MSPS should be highlighting this issue there not long to jump on the plight ov Palestinian people’s oppression fly a martin mcguinnes RIP banner with consent ov the family if possible best ov luck lads

  11. Ffs banners, we sang worse in the 80 s if we had the know how then the banners would put todays to shame.
    Over reaction no thanks to a complicit plc board whom don’t condemn anything else but celtic supporters.
    Cheatism! Is that a word?
    Utlr and HAIL HAIL

  12. When they are good ,they are very good but for someone who up until last year sat in that section ( not a member)they have been out of control for many years.many unsavourable incidents I have been witness too .on one occasion when stewards were trying to evict one of them they were stacked as my sister turned round to she was hit in the eye with a coin,her 450 ppound glasses were Brocken two black eyes and a lot of pain that was only one of many incidents we the early days the guy running them would come along before kick off give his orders take cash and then go back to his own area,return at half time the hero taking photos etc any trouble broke out he would bolt like a rat.celtic have created this two faced monster a ban isn’t going to stop them.

    • If jock stein was alive he would be raging Celtic don’t give the Lisbon lions a penny from all the 50 year anniversary sales FACT….that’s more offensive than banners

    • yes he probably would have. My point was that the club haven’t always had such a distaste for Irish nationalism. Just as well Peter Lawwell wasn’t in charge when the SFL told us to take down the tricolour.

  13. People who say politics & Religion have no place in Football. What religious songs do we sing? Some interject during a song and that has to stop. But politics was the main reason for the clubs foundation. I short walk around the Celtic Superstore and see the books on the shelf. Many have politics explained and the link to Celtic fans. The old keep you head down is gone we have the confidence as a club and a community to show solidarity with other political matter we see fit. I cannot think of a sport that has not been involved in politics, cricket, boxing. (even chess).

  14. Steven,
    You’ve said a lot of what I’ve wanted to say for a number of years..I’m three years older than you..and can remember when I was somewhere between 15 & 18, as I was leaving the old Celtic End of C.P. someone shouted at me “You’re not one of us”. (I presume the person..whoever it was..knew me, although I didn’t recognise him). Mind you up to the age of 18, I was “blind as a bat”, but didn’t wear glasses. Vanity probably? (as a wee Glasgow teenager). Anyway, was I singing a “rebel” song at the time? Knowing me..yes, probably (although, I wouldn’t have had a darn clue what I was singing). But now, I’m a LOT older and wiser, I don’t live in Glasgow..or even Scotland any more (haven’t done for over forty years), but still DO go to see The Bhoys each season (taking my family with me inc. my two Bhoys who are both Celtic daft..just like me!..simply because Celtic are OUR team, and OUR club too..Look, since the age of 11 (the day after we Blah Blah Blah in ’67..) Celtic Fc has ALWAYS been a HUGE part of me. I will NEVER stop being a Celtic fan (whatever happens), but feel deeply ashamed as some of the things I’m seeing at CP these days. As a last straw, the banners of a paramilitray person, with Brendan next to him, in a warning triangle (we know what it’s meant to be), are what some might see on the streets of Belfast. We do NOT want to see that also on the streets of Glasgow (and for me personally, in the stands at Celtic Park). Yours in Celtic. HH

  15. Absolutely applaud any group who raised money for their cause.
    Now tell me was this an official Celtic sanctioned cause NO.Celtic’s main business is they are a football club and they have their own charities and do not defy the rules of competion and anyone who is a real genuine Celtic supporter should do the same.If they do not obey the rules then they should be banned from Parkhead permenentley.

    • Who makes the rules Owen?..”people at the top.”are their rules their thoughts/opinions?…based on what?if you disagree with their thoughts and opinions what your saying is “you should shut up”if they refuse to enter dialogue which the board has on many occasions with the GB from what I that not how the fascists work?…or dictators work?…if you live in a dictatorship and you disagree with anything and you voice your opinion you can be banished/arrested isn’t that what is happening?…we live in a Country where the greedy few run corporations/businesses to make money at the expense of the poorer people Celtic now sadly are no different…this is not why Celtic were formed we have moved away from our grass roots….and please don’t insult me by saying Celtic do a lot for charity the fans do not the Club…


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