This was the Green Brigade going against the corrupt UEFA and their double standards. I doubt many readers don’t remember it; it was this time last year in a Champions League qualifier with Hapoel Beer Sheva.

The Green Brigade and fans throughout Celtic Park flew the flag for Palestine. The initial reaction was pretty much the same as the current banner. But then the fund page exploded, mainstream media caught on, and everyone was throwing roses at the Celtic fans and the Green Brigade.

Maybe people need to think back and remember their views on this issue last season.

Personally, I felt pride. My conscience wouldn’t allow me to start pointing fingers with the current situation. UEFA took it upon themselves to call a Palestine flag a political banner.

In the end, UEFA looked bad, and Celtic/Green brigade featured on all the main news stations with plaudits coming from all over the world.

The Ultra group collected just over a £175,000 to donate to worn torn Palestine groups. While health and safety have to be observed and abided to, there are way too many gray areas and contradictions from the top down for anyone to be taking the moral high ground.

I’m not sure if some subcommittee is set up in the standing section and representatives of the club, but some honest communication seems to be the only way forward.

The Green Brigade have also done wondrous work with their food bank collections. I’m pretty sure most people praised them at these times. That’s why it seems unfair some of the pelters they have got over a banner and one pyro display. Don’t get me wrong, neither the banner or the pyro will ever have a place in modern day football without sanctions.

Both will have to stop, but there is an over-reaction that might be a bit hypocritical from both the media, the club and a large section of the Celtic support.

Please stop using the word “divide”. There is no divide, there is a difference of opinion.