There were a few news articles down south the past few days say Bournemouth are set to match Celtic’s asking price in order to sign Callum McGregor.

There’s only one problem with that, Celtic don’t have an asking price for the midfielder.

With January approaching we wrote back on Sunday there will be a barrage of rumours and even genuine interested clubs in our players.

When you are playing as well as Celtic have been in recent months, there is going to be interest in players – it’s the nature of the beast.

However, reports that Bournemouth are willing to match Celtic’s asking price are wide of the mark in our opinion.

There is no way Celtic have set a value on one of their star midfielders and anyone who came in for Callum would be rebuffed and made to blindly put an offer in the hope it would be enough.

It’s not a game of Football manager where there’s a convenient asking price sitting next to every footballer I’m afraid.



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