Celtic don’t get enough credit some times from people in our media. The games against Lazio were fixtures we were expected to struggle in and we only went and beat them home and away.

The usual suspects dismiss the results as nothing special and Lazio are a mid-table Lazio side. Tell that to the Serie A league table!

In their last ten games, the Italian club has only been beaten twice – can you guess who that was against.

Lazio are three points off second-placed Juventus and five off league leader Inter Milan. The enormity of Celtic’s double over them can not be underestimated.

The bhoys got late winners in both but they went toe to toe with Lazio throughout both ties and even came from a goal down away from home.

I suppose, the people criticising Celtic or passing it off a no big deal are always going to try and find a way to minimise our success.

It’s up to us to make these people keep hurting.


  1. And Lazio have now beat ju etus 3-1 at home at time of writing this as we have won the league Cup as well but no we will never get the credit were due look how they behave when we play them they were favs the first meeting and I still read headlines like can celtic topple the rangers and stupid shit like that ridiculous hail hail


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