Brendan Rodgers is braced for a barrage of rumours and bids for his players in the coming two weeks as the English transfer window winds down.

The Premier League and English Football League have made the decision to close their transfer window on August 9 in a bid to have settled squads for the new campaign.

This means English clubs will have until midnight on August 9th to sign and register new players until January which will inevitably result in Celtic players being chased before then.

However, if Celtic can weather the storm there is a great opportunity to buy and even loan players they may not have had a chance of bringing in if the EPL window was still open.

While English clubs won’t be able to sign any new stars, they will still be allowed to loan and sell to clubs out with England which gives Celtic a massive opportunity.

With so many clubs with over inflated finances out of potential bidding, it could be a great thing for the club.

It would also mean if Celtic did lose anyone important to an EPL side – they would have over 3 weeks to replace them.

Speaking about the change, Rodgers was unsure how the dice will fall but believes it’s a good move by the FA.

“It will probably affect us in some capacity.

“Until we actually experience it for the first time we won’t really know.

“It’ll just quicken up the selling or loaning of players because clubs only have until the first week in August now.

“But we’ll probably know better after we experience it.

“The Premier League clubs will have to make earlier decisions on players. But I can see the concept and it is right.”


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