BRENDAN RODGERS has admitted tonight that Stuart Armstrong’s contract saga has affected the player.

Speaking after his side made beat Partick Thistle in the Glasgow derby the Irishman offered up his thoughts on the player and his current situation, admitting the current situation cannot continue.

“Stuart’s position will be sorted one way or another. He was terrific last season & unfortunately, this (contract stand-off) is affecting his game”. said the Celtic manager.

It looks as if Armstrong’s representative’s heads have been turned by whispers from down south and the money he could make down there.

Celtic have offered the midfielder a deal but nowhere near the offers that he can get in England. Celtic will sell if the player doesn’t sign a new deal.


  1. Sad. Very sad. Nurture, protect, inspire……and within months he is gone. Bye son we will be fine….i doubt you will. Just wanted you to stay.

  2. Sorry this has nothing to do with Armstrong’s agent its down to him being to greedy and a coward he tells his agent what to do not other way about sell him he will soon realise what he hadw done let him go and play for middle of road team will win sod all only see Europe when there on holiday can join all the other no marks who say i should never have left Celtic

  3. He decides where he plays not his agent, if he’s wanting the same kind of money hel
    Make down England he’s onto plumbs. Hel make good money up here,playing 1st team football,winning trophies,playing in Europe. Hel go down there and disappear like the rest of them. Would like him to stay but if it’s not meant to be then get him sold. Fabulous talent will end up gettin wasted!!

    • When was he a GOOD SERVANT to Celtic? He was mince for most of his contract.

      Brendan moved him and developed what he has to bring him to a point wher hhe had a good SIX MONTHS.

      A good servant would buckle down and repay the Manager, he is not being offerd pauper wages and as I posted he coukld insert a buy out clause in agreement with Celtic allowing BOTH to get something back.

      Armstrong is being greedy and I for one will not be bothered in his career if he leaves in these circumstances which is unusual for me.

      He came with GMS who tried but did not manage the Celtic level, I wil, watch him develop at Aberdeen and wish him well except when he plays Celtic. He came, tried and left after doing his best, Brendan gave him a chance… Armstrong would have left under the same light, a tryer who was not good enough.

      Brendan developed him using the strenghs he saw and now his agent and he see £ signs.

      His choice.

  4. If he thinks the grass is greener then he can go.
    I watched him as keech and as very much improved under Brendan.

    I thought the solution would be a new contract with a buy out that protected Celtic and gave him decent money for Scotland yet allowed the move when it was benificial to both.

    Armstrong would have that guarantee with Celtic as well as development, giving him the better chance of a top team when he moves…Celtic should put a final offer on the table and if it is refused then sell him in this window.

    It seems he has his eye on money for him alone and screw Celtic, in that case he can go lay in his own P*sh and his agents too.

    Big Virgil has done well but realised there is more to football than money, he wants Euro Football as well, if Armstrong stays he can get his BIG move without going to a smaller club first.

    If not Sell him ASAP.


  5. Armstrong a damm good player. Lost his way a little. Let him go, he was an intrinsic part of the Invincibles so respect.
    Good luck in the future Stu and you will always be welcome in Celtic Park.

  6. What celtic shouls do is put him in the under 21 squad and leave him there until his contract runs down fuck him his heart is not in it celtic and I doubt very much he will make any impact down south at any club hes a championship player at best the only reason he looks as good as player at celtic is because of the players he he has around him at celtic fuck I would look like a good player if I had the likes of griff Sinclair broony KT ntcham rogic and am pure rid rotten armstong is a over rated tosser whos tied to use us as a stepping stone am sick to death of players using our club toget to england fair enough the money down there is great but come on to fuck celtic pay these players good money they get to play in Europe they also get to play in front of 62.000 fans that treat them like gods some people just dont know when they have it good look at it this way chris sutton john hartson stan petrov henrik Larsson alan Thompson scott sinclair neil lennon they all played for teams down south and everyone of them said the same thing theres no team like celtic and look how many teams between them all have they have all played for newcastle man u chelsea Aston villa norwich Leicester city west ham blackburn Wimbledon arsenal Swansea and thats jst off the the top of my head now All those players cannae be wrong they dont need to lie only one of them are still at the club and every single one of the are 100 times better than armstrong I used to like Armstrong but now hes very fast becoming a hate figure at paradise for being a using no good prick we should have never have signed him and kept GMS at least that boys heart was in bit jst couldnt make the grade rant over

  7. Some sad comments on here. To call him a “greedy bastard” and “get him to fuck” is sad. The footballers life is a short one and he should take the opportunity to fill his bank balance. I’m pretty sure if someone came to you and offered you treble wages I’m sure you wouldnt call yourself a greedy bastard or tell yourself to get to fuck. Thanks for the time you gave us Stuart. Good luck.

    • Top footballers earn more in a year than most of us earn in a lifetime. It’s no longer a ‘short career’ !
      Celtic should avoid the hassle and sell him for a profit. He’s not as good as he or his agent thinks he is. He’ll be back up the road playing for Dundee United in 2 years with a healthy bank balance and a league winners medal from Celtic.

    • And what about King Henrik?? He was offered the world, but opted to stay with the club that gave him everything a man needs. If rumours are true, what about KT who could have left last year for BIG money….. but NO, he chose loyalty, like Henrik did, long before greed!!
      Armstrong seen what happened with Fraser, Victor and big Virgil at Southampton and now thinks he has the same aspirations. Big BIG difference is that those three are a class or 2 above Armstrong, a class he may develop towards under Brendans development but will never actually reach. He has the option of loyalty, like KT and Henrik but if greed is getting in the way then YES get rid!!

  8. He hasn’t exactly been a great servant to the club. We took him from Dundee Utd when he was a nobody, he has one good season then it’s off to pastures greener. I think he owes us one more good season then he can go with grace, but to go in search of the gold just now doesn’t sit well with me. I’m Not gonna call him a greedy bastard but he’s a bit of a greedy bastard.come on Stuart play the white man , sign a three year deal with a view to going next season, you owe us it you greedy bastard….

  9. If we get £6m plus take it! We’re well covered and I can’t wait til Kouassi breaks through! If less then hold until end of his contract even if he does not play! We can’t let English set a precedent to get our players on the cheap!

  10. John O he gave us 6 months hardly great a great servant.
    Don’t play him again unless he signs a new contract.
    Or we sell him .

  11. played well for half a season & now thinks he can do better,well i say go & try but he’ll regret it as he’s not as good a him & his agent think he is,a bit of loyalty to Celtic & Brendan wouldn’t go wrong as he was very average under Ronnie,if he doesn’t want to play for us then fuck off & close the door behind you ! hh

  12. Jamesq.
    Where did I say he was a great servant? I just said thanks for the time he gave us. There is nothing wrong in wanting to better yourself as a pro footballer. Imho this lad should leave as his head is in playing down south in one of the top 3 leagues in the world. Good luck to the lad.


  14. Southampton or West Brom seem a likely destination, clearly he most probably won’t play for a bigger club than Celtic sure a football career is short but surely you want to look back on the successes your career brought you.Anyway we’ve replaced better than him

  15. As a player surely you want to win things – what are you going to win at the likes of the clubs interested in Stuggie? A league cup win at best perhaps? Come on Stuggie sort yourself out and sign your contract you won’t regret it! There’s no place like Paradise. Hail Hail!!

  16. Regarding Armstrongs situation, we don’t know what Celtic are offering, maybe he wants to be on a par with the bigger names in the dressing room, it’s all hush hush as it should be until sorted out, two sides to a story. We’re now heading into Kazak. with one striker who may be fit and a midfielder who’s head is up his backside. He should have been given an ultimatum weeks ago then Bren could have got on with it. If he’d left the money could have gone towards another striker, hope it all comes together next week , cmon the hoops !!

  17. A footballers life from childhood is non existent with total commitment to the Academy. I have had two go through this process over the years and for all the hard work they put in its only fitting they go for the highest wage on offer, medals don’t pay the mortgage/bills etc. We seem to shun players that want to try something new and accuse them of turning their backs on the club, but if a player feels he is worth more that’s on offer to him then you can’t blame him for trying to up the wage. I understand we have a budget and need to stick to it and no player/personell is bigger than the club so just thank the lad for his contribution to the team and remember he has won everything on offer in Scotland. I hope he stays but good luck to Stuart if he goes.

  18. Celtic should put him up for sale if the expected offers don’t arrive offer him a reduced terms contract on a take it or leave it .

  19. Too bad if he has finally chosen to go South for bigger money but that’s about all he will get. Certainly not the trophies and Europe he would get at Celtic. Best we sell him this window or he can sign a precontract in January and Celtic get sweet f… all

  20. Fed up hearing about this story Armstrong is the boss of his Agent so he should have Balls & speak up and tell him what he wants; But Again Nobody Bigger than our club SELL Him get players that want to stay & play for a great club HH KTF

  21. Ive been told by somebody involved that Armstrong is asking for less than the top earners at the club and about half as much as he’d get in England. Sounds like Lawell and co are either a) trying to take advantage of his desire to stay with a low ball offer or b) giving him an offer they know he’ll refuse while they evaluate *their* options; all while feeding the line to the press that he’s greedy/wanting away to put the fan’s pressure on him


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