BRENDAN RODGERS has Celtic fans scratching their heads after the Celtic manager admitted he didn’t know a great deal about a player Celtic are currently in talks with.

Reports in Ukraine yesterday said Celtic were closing in on a deal for young winger Maryan Shved, but the Irishman didn’t have a lot to add other than the club were looking at him.

To gain full context here is the lads from 90 minutes cynic giving you the audio on what the manager said.

It’s clear from the interview the manager seems underenthused and a little dismissive of the signing coming in.

Celtic and Rodgers have been desperate to bring in a right back for the last six months, and with the window closing in just over a week, there’s no sign of one coming in.

Rodgers used press conferences in the summer to get his point across to the board, is he doing the same again?



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