SCOTT SINCLAIR is in his third season with Celtic now and has had varying amounts of personal success depending on the form he is in.

However, Ronny Deila has revealed he tried to sign Sinclair back when he was the Celtic manager.

Speaking to the Times, the Norwegian recalled he had a conversation with Scott about coming in but the player was focused on staying down south.

“I tried to get Scott Sinclair to Celtic in 2015 but it couldn’t happen. I spoke to Scott, but I don’t think the money was there at the time. In any case, he wanted to stay in England, and go to Aston Villa.” Deila told the Times.

Scott came in just a year later under Brendan Rodgers and had the best season of his career with the invincible Celtic side.

It’s very telling the Celtic board were uneasy at spending money on Sinclair with Deila but opened the biscuit tin for Rodgers just a year later.

Was Ronny being backed as much as possible or were the board happy to downsize and stay steady, winning leagues without spending too much money?

Or was it a direct result of Ronny not making the Champions League two years in a row?


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