SALZBURG star, Hannes Wolf has dismissed Celtic Park as a game changer for Thursday’s meeting between the Austrian Club and Celtic.

The Red Bull side have won every one of their games and are confident they can make it a clean sweep of wins in Glasgow on Thursday.

People have warned them about the Celtic Park atmosphere and how it has seen some of the best in the world come to Glasgow and leave with nothing.

However, this doesn’t seem to faze Wolf who believes Salzburg know what they’re walking into because they have played in some very big stadiums across Europe.

“Of course we know about Celtic Park but remember we have played in some very big stadiums across Europe too.” Wolf told RecordSport.

“When we played them in Salzburg everyone said we were going to easily win the game, but in the first half in particular, Celtic matched us and played very well indeed.

“So we know what to expect in Glasgow. There will be 60,000 fans and we know all about the noise that will be generated.”

If the Salzburg stars choose to dismiss the Celtic Park effect then it could be great news for Celtic.

The bhoys got a fantastic result against Leipzig last month with the fans firmly behind them making noise from the first whistle.

It’s up to the fans to do the same again and get the players over the line.

Only a draw is required but Rodgers is going for the win.


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