SCOTT BROWN got Celtic fans to their feet with a stunning strike against St Johnstone on Sunday afternoon, but nobody was more surprised than the man himself.

Broony is known for a lot of things – his ability to find the net wouldn’t be one of them! The midfielder found himself with a golden opportunity to take a strike from range and bhoy did he make it count.

The Celtic captain scored his side’s second of the day after just eight minutes and there was really no way back for the Saints after that.

Speaking about the goal, Scott told CelticTV he was ready to hear the familiar ‘SEBO’ chants from the crowd when he took the shot.

“I don’t think the fans want me to shoot most of the time — I usually get the ‘Sebo’ shout seconds after I hit them.

“They don’t come around that often. I struck it sweet and I’ve managed to hit the target.

“I’ve had a couple of shots in the last couple of weeks as I’m getting a bit further forward.

“It’s different when you play with two in the middle of the park. It was good to get forward and to get the goal.”

The Sebo chant is something that’s stuck in Scottish football after all these years. It was originally designed to taunt Ibrox striker Filip Sebo, who was a bit of a joke striker in Scottish football back in the 00s.

It’s a testament to how bad this guy was; there are kids now chanting Sebo at their pals down the park when they miss a sitter or sky the ball having no idea who Filip actually is.

Broony does get the Sebo treatment a lot, but today he managed to produce something a bit special.



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