SCOTT SINCLAIR has come in for some heavy criticism this season. The standard he and the bhoys set last season are virtually impossible to keep up, so when you can’t quite reach those heights the vultures swoop.

Even though Scotty is Celtic’s top goalscorer he’s had to contend with some ludicrous comments. Celtic as a whole have not reached last season’s heights admittedly but the man Celtic bought from Aston Villa is still proving a valuable player and his goals prove it.

Speaking about the criticism, Sinclair didn’t seem to mind being held to the standards he set already.

“All the criticism doesn’t really bother me. You’re always going to get criticised after winning awards last year. For me, it’s just to stay focused and keep doing what I’m doing.”

“With all the critics saying I’m having a poor season with 17 goals, it only spurs me on to do even better.”


  1. Sinky is class, you will never get a season like last year again, one in a 100 years, but we are still the league leaders , league cup winners, in the next round of the Scottish cup and in the knock out stages of the Europa competition, so what’s the fucking problem? ,our spending budget is minuscule compared to most European clubs, but we compete with them and most of all we are solvent and make profit ,unlike most of them. If we were like the window lickers down at shitebrox there would be a problem, but we are on a different planet from that pond life


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