THE SFA have been under very little scrutiny for their massive COVID own goal at the weekend and it has to be held to account.

They allowed their officials to head out to Greece to officiate a game between Panathinaikos vs Olympiacos so Bobby Madden and his team could make a few quid.

The parallels between Celtic heading out to Dubai and this are very similar yet the disparity in reporting and condemnation is incredible.

Madden and his officials didn’t need to go to Greece during a pandemic to officiate a Greek league game but they weren’t technically breaking any rules. Just like Celtic who gained permission from the SFA to go to Dubai, it was 100% allowed but morally was it the right move? No.

It’s the same with Madden and the SFA. However, upon their return to the country, it transpires that one of the linesmen that travelled with him to Greece, David Roome, returned a positive Covid-19 test on Wednesday!

The SFA then allow another member of the team that travelled to Greece to officiate Hibs vs Hamilton on Saturday. Graeme Stewart ran the line before being told to self-isolate.

Bobby Madden was then told to self isolate not long before he was supposed to take up his position as referee between Celtic and Ross County in Dingwall.

There are major failings here’s by the SFA but little outrage. Our club is so meek and unresponsive they won’t even bother trying to hold the guilty parties to account or point out the hypocrisy of what’s gone on here.

Celtic have been hung out to try by the media, the SFA and the government over a trip that the SFA and Government allowed – why the silence now?


  1. The silence now is no different to everything the new co got away with when lawwell was guilty of turning a blind eye. Our club are up to their ears in this corruption. I for one have had enough.

  2. Celtic must take a more ‘in your face’ stance – if not we will be steamrolled again and again – at least Lennon has queried certain issues but it must come from the top – don’t tell me Sevco aren’t active behind the scene on almost everything that happens in scottish football – remember the shambles when last season was finished early – again what has happened to the latest 5 Sevco players who have broken Covid rules – Sevco issue a statement and say they will not offer any further statement !! they should have been blown out of the water by the SFA – little chance eh

  3. It’s a hun society we live in today has been for a good few hundred yrs,dominated by dodgy decisions outcomes etc.To be fair the Mighty Glasgow CELTIC have done exceptionally well all thru the years leading up to now.Defo change needed at boardroom level as these charlatans are letting us down time and time again.


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