Head of refereeing operations at the SFA, John Fleming believes VAR will become the norm in Scotland once it’s approved Europe wide to use after the World Cup.

Fleming notes there will be a November meeting between associations and UEFA to discuss the use of VAR which has been trialled in 20 different countries as well as being used at this summer’s World Cup.

Asked if he thinks it will be introduced in Scotland, Fleming told the National doesn’t see any reason why not.

“I think so.

“I know Scotland are sitting looking at it from the outside. England are waiting for the outcome of the World Cup. They are virtually there.

“Change can be very difficult. But once the spectator accepts that technology is there to assist and help us then it will come in. It will just be seamless.

“I think it will be positive. I just can’t see how anything that increases the accuracy of decision making can’t be positive. Anything that can take you from 93 per cent accuracy to 98 per cent can only be of benefit to the game.” Flemming admitted.

“People have got to be educated about why the referee changed his mind,” he said. “Why did he change his decision? Because he supports a certain team? No, because he’s seen pictures from an angle that he wasn’t privy to.”

“We have to tell people that and say the reason a referee has changed his decision is because he has seen an angle that demonstrated there was an infringement, there was serious foul play, there was violent conduct. Do you accept that angle shows that? Do you accept the referee couldn’t see that?”


  1. So lets say Hugh Dallas is in the Video Suite when a Sevco player (Clint Hill) hacks down Leigh Griffiths in the box in the 90min.

    Dallas looks at the evidence and says no penalty.

    What’s the difference? Spain had a great call for a penalty in the match v Russia. I was sitting watching it and the commentator says ”VAR is having a look” i started laughing, there is no way they are giving a penalty against the Russians on their home soil in the World Cup Finals….

    No penalty.

    I can’t see it changing anything in Scotland, you will now have 3 freemasons saying no penalty to Celtic instead of one.

  2. This will be introduced to stop us winning ten in a row. It will be used whenever it can harm us, and ignored to help the new club. It only opens another avenue for corruption within the SFA.


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