Shay Logan seems to be obsessed with Celtic and Scott Brown.

A week after he was sent off at Celtic Park for acting like a petulant four-year-old, he still wants to talk about the double treble champions.

Making a flippant comment about watching Coronation street the Aberdeen “footballer” engaged in a tit for tat spat with a Celtic fan by acting like a petulant four-year-old and continuing to spell like one too.

It wasn’t too long before he mentioned the Scott Brown challenge by his fellow teammate Shinnie. It’s such an odd thing to continue to brag about. Celtic live rent free in the idiots head.

Shay will miss the first two games of the season after his appeal was thrown out by the SFA. Shame.


  1. Sheep shagging bastards don’t they realise that we let them win so the zombies didn’t get second place, dumb twats

  2. HH ALL Let’s not get involved with nonsense just Ignore and get on with Improving Celtic and keep getting better and further away from the rest .If wee get involved with all this Consonance wee will just stop Improving personnel and start to loose games to which wee should never loose as Scottish teams are Rubbish as Scotland Manager said on tv sat 19th May so wee Celtic Supporters should be paying A Lot Less into games .just to Finnish fed up hearing about sevco they are in the same league as us but still Establishment saying League not as strong,wounder why does this mean all teams in top Scottish League not good as SCOTTISH MANAGER SAID FACT So Entry to all games should be much cheaper hh ktf

  3. Its even better than that because he couldnt take his punishment like a man then its 3 games thats what trying to be a smart a*se gets you another game added on HH


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