NEIL LENNON has today come out and absolutely savaged Steven Gerrard with his comments before Celtic’s game with Livingston on Saturday.

Asked about what the Ibrox manager has said since the derby on the Celtic players and the game itself – Neil Lennon replied.

Steven Gerrard’s list of comments after the game have really been something.

He said his side were the better team for an hour at Celtic Park. He said Celtic were playing the victim, he also told reporters he didn’t consider Ryan Kent’s attack on Scott Brown as violent conduct.

His descent into madness is going rather well and we’re certain he’ll bite to Neil Lennon’s stinging comment in his own press conference.

Once a respected player is now pandering to the lowest of his adopted support. He has proven he can’t handle the heat and act with dignity in defeat.

Celtic won the game on Sunday and the deflection tactics have been absolutely mental.


  1. Steven Gerrard is a feckin muppet
    He calls himself a manager
    He’s a joke
    His tribute act are a joke
    Never won a major trophy and never will


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