The SPFL have today issued a statement after clubs overwhelmingly voted not to proceed with an independent inquiry at Tuesday’s EGM.

The Rangers had pushed for this on the grounds of bad corporate governance. However, clubs didn’t buy into the dossier which was built up to be much more than was actually there.

The SPFL gave the Ibrox club the floor and they pitched their argument to member clubs.

27 against, 13 for and 2 abstaining was the final vote. It garnered nowhere near the support it needed to pass.

Murdo MacLennan is now calling on clubs on both sides of the argument to respect the democratic vote by member clubs and finally get on with sorting out the future of our game.

Celtic have been waiting to hear what will happen with respect to the end of this season. With the UEFA deadline on May 25, we need to know by then whether football will go ahead behind closed door or if Celtic will be crowned champions as it stands.

Full SPFL Statment HERE


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