CELTIC FANS will today show support for former Celtic boss and captain Neil Lennon by standing up and applauding on the 18th minute.

The Hibs boss has been subject to more vile, sectarian and racist abuse this week to add to a long, sorry line of despicable acts against him.

What’s worse is there are people within our game pushing the narrative that he brings all the abuse on himself.

Celtic fans made the suggestion on social media to show support on the 18th minute (Neil’s former squad number) and it has been championed by VideoCelts and other Celtic websites.

During his time in Scotland with Celtic, Neil has been subject to the worst kind of abuse, death threats, bullets in the post and attacked in the street.

After the latest incident plus many people’s reaction saying he deserves the abuse – the Hibs boss has said he’s thought about walking away from Scottish football.

Let’s show him there’s still plenty of support for him in the game!


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