Only days after the SFA got rid of Stewart Regan and promised to look to the future the emergence of who is favourite for the Scotland job has left supporters baffled.

It emerged today, the SFA board want to talk to Walter Smith about returning to the post over ten years after he walked out on the national team.

The ex-Rangers manager, who turns 70 later this month is being sounded out by a possible return, leading many Scots in disbelief.

When Scotland are supposed to be looking to the future, the campaign for a job for one of the old boys seems beyond comprehension.



  1. SFA showing there True Colours,FFS an OAP especially as there isnt an EBT in sight…..Support Scotland lolol yer havin a laugh…The SFA and these Vermin Smith etc are the reason Scottish football is an absolute disgrace.Nooo Thanks,I’ll stick with the Celtic and Any other Honest Trustworthy Country,But Sevcotland,i mean Scotland,Ye can stick it were the sun dont shine

  2. He’s not won a thing without ebt. Ask Everton fans about him. As for McLeish. Ffs another ebt man. If either of them get the job I’ll never support Scotland again. ?

  3. Just consider that Walter Smith and Alex McLeish are potential contenders for the Scotland managers job in the first place, that’s a measure of the SFA’s competence (and corruption).

    If they were playing for the World Cup in my back garden I’d rather shut the curtains and read the Sunday post.


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