CHRIS SUTTON has put the SFA back on the agenda after Scottish Football’s governing body along with the referees association tried to deflect from their own failings, so they would not be in the spotlight.

A summit was called between managers and officials on Thursday night where VAR was discussed. It’s all a bit of a red herring though, the reason the meeting was called was a reaction to referees taking the huff because they have been called out for their incompetence, along with the SFA who only add to the mire.

They somehow got Friday’s papers all talking about VAR when the root of the issue is still very much there.

Celtic posted a reasonable statement to the SFA regarding the decision NOT to punish Alfredo Morelos for three separate incidents involving Celtic players. Shortly after the statement, the referees started their own offensive by declaring they could go on strike due to the criticism. The SFA then stepped in and backed their refs and called for RESPECT.

So the referees had a meeting with the SFA and then it was thrown out to the managers to come in for a chat and discuss these seasons grievances which is why we got to VAR.

The Alfredo Morelos incidents are as clear as day, and after reviewing footage at length (not within 30 seconds), the SFA decided not to pursue disciplinary actions against the Gers forward. So what part of VAR would have sorted that mess out and that’s what Chris Sutton was getting at when he told RecordSport giving the current crop of numpties a ‘toy’ will solve NOTHING.

“Bringing in technology will be giving the officials a new toy to play with but at the moment it would be like handing a PlayStation to a toddler.” The BT Pundit procliamed as cited by RecordSport.

“It’s not the video assistant ref system that is the problem – it would be the people operating it.

“Scottish football can’t trust referees, the compliance officer or the panel of ex-refs to get decisions right after taking two days to look at television footage.

“What chance would they have when they’ve got 30 seconds?

“VAR won’t help a jot unless there’s a clear out of the incompetent officials who would be in charge of working it.”

Sutton has hit the nail on the head.


  1. The BITB decision makers can thrown their toys oot their pram. Long live female whistlers and the robots taking over. Only questions is…… Can Hal be bribed?????????


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