The Celtic Trust will be out on the Celtic Way this afternoon from 12pm-1pm collecting £50 vouchers sent out by the club.

The supporters group asked if any fans would like to donate their vouchers to local groups and they’ve had a terrific response.

The trust will setup on the Celtic Way this afternoon for anyone who would like to drop their voucher off. If you can’t get down, they also have a forwarding address to send the vouchers onto them.

The group writes:

Following the announcement by Celtic that it was going to give vouchers to last year’s season ticket holders by way of ‘added value’ we enquired with them as to whether we could collect these and donate them to causes close to the hearts of Celtic supporters. 

We have gauged the numbers who would be willing to donate the vouchers  and have liaised with a number of local charities working with children and young people to see if they would be able to use them. We are now in a position to explain the arrangements.  We have been in touch with 5 local groups (two youth clubs  in the south and the east end of the city, a gaelic sports club, an east end primary school and a charity which helps refugees). 

We are very happy to consider other groups if enough vouchers are collected.  All vouchers will be distributed to the groups and to others if possible.  We will give a full account at the end of the process of how many vouchers were distributed.

This is a great opportunity to turn what many Celtic supporters felt was a very disappointing decision by the Celtic Board into a very positive outcome for some young people in our city who might not otherwise be able to afford the items these vouchers can buy.

Celtic have given the £50 vouchers out to season ticket holders for their support last season. Fans stumped up hundreds and thousands of pounds to watch a sub-par online stream of the games.

The Trust were pushing for supporters to be given ordinary shares in the club as compensation for not being able to attend live matches, but the club vetoed the idea and instead gave vouchers you could spend in the Celtic store.

If you have no use for your voucher or would simply like to help local groups, donate your voucher to the Trust and they will make sure it goes to great use!


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