Chris Sutton has been left in stitches tonight along with all the Celtic fans celebrating another league title win.

The Bhoys beat The Rangers 3-2 at Celtic Park and despite not being at their best, continue their unbeaten streak against the great tactician Michael Beale.

Instead of putting their heads down and getting on with it, The Rangers are tonight demanding answers from the SFA over a goal that wasn’t allowed.

In the ultimate wee guy patter, the Ibrox club are trying to deflect from their own failings by directing it elsewhere.

The media and others are talking about Johnston going down easily. You don’t have to be put to the ground for it to be a foul and after watching Kevin Clancy throughout the game, he certainly deemed the altercation a foul like many others.

Former Celtic striker Chris Sutton is in hysterics at the news the club will write to the SFA.

They didn’t write to the SFA in January when their defender Connor Goodson was playing volleyball in his own penalty area against Celtic.


  1. It’s their right to get intouch with sfa bank holiday might not get there till Tues by then they will be looking at the game all weekend to see more incidents that went tagainst them might see duds beale has brought in are not the way forward tilman rolling about when not even touched I doubt it was a foul they scored with tillman was looking for it I hope they sign him £5,000,000 the price morelos when the ball put in front of him he’d no pace Allen McGregor how slow is he Kent poor Barasic poor Davies bomb scare yeah they will need to get money but you give it to beale he has brought nothing to the club that will worry Celtic_fc_1888 ally says he is disappointed in the rest of spl that’s how beale has that run of wins comes up against the top club and are soundly beaten score was 3-2going on 4or5 if people look at it

  2. Of course Johnstone went to ground he was leant on by a morbidly obese 19 stone blob. If someone carrying that amount of weight leans on you you feel it. Clancy gave them foul after foul for nothing either within shooting distance or to allow them to deliver a ball into the box. Penalised Oh and Jota near the box for nothing. Clancy won’t referee another Rangers International game again. It is the beginning ofg the end for him. He will be gone from the game soon. They done the same to a guy in the early 70s (McCluskey?) when we were pulverising them and they had no answer. Not cheating for them, being fair is construed as being against them. No penalty? Why? Why do we have to play against 11? And the call us paranoid. Suck it up dafties. Only another 4,000 decisions for us to even things out. Pathetic whiny beeyatchees. Who knew snowflakes were orange.


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