When most Celtic fans were in the habit of being on the side of their ex-manager, Brendan Rodgers, they were all a bit taken aback by his comments on an incoming transfer back in January. Rodgers claimed he knew nothing about the player and that he had “millions of wingers”.

These bizarre comments set everyone off on the same notion that something was not right at Celtic Park between the management and the board. What happened next with Rodgers is not worth going over again.

That incoming transfer back in January was of one Maryan Shved. Yesterday we reported the player had just won an award and here is a sample of the damage the Bhoy can do in front of goal.

The twenty-one-year-old might be joining up with his Celtic team-mates in the summer without and certainty of who the next Celtic manager will be but surely any manager looking at them goals will want a closer look at the player.


  1. Funny isn’t it how a player that Rodgers had nothing to do with by his own admission looks a great player he can certainly strike a ball so maybe if he instead of being a prick about it should of got off his arse and had a look at the bhoy anyway at least the lad will get a chance now he’s away because looking at that vid he should already be at the club hail hail


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